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Training Information

At Sanjo Karate, we run family friendly Shotokan Karate classes where both parents and children have the opportunity to train together several times per week.


Lessons are priced at £4 per person per lesson, payable in cash before each training session commences.


Sanjo Karate holds comprehensive insurance as well as public and professional indemnity insurance. 

All Sanjo students/instructors must hold their own karate licence that is renewable annually. The licence provides member-to-member and public liability insurance cover as well as enabling students to grade and/or attend club and other karate courses/events throughout the year. 


Students have the facility to grade tri-annually at Sanjo Karate, to achieve the various coloured belts leading to the black belt level. However it is not a race, we are aware that every person learns at different speeds and encourage all students to advance at their own pace rather than be in competition with the person next to them.


Eligibility to grade is based upon a student training regularly, permission to grade being given by the instructor and at least three months having lapsed between gradings. 


Gradings are reasonably priced and if passed, will include a certificate and the next required coloured belt. 


Sanjo Karate can offer good quality dogi’s (uniform) and training equipment at a very reasonable price. Please see an instructor for more information.


A couple of our members have taken Karate as part of their GCSE PE subject or Duke of Edinburgh Award at High School or College and Sanjo Karate are able to incorporate this into the students training package. 

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