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Some Rules for safe, fun training






  • Please come to class with a clean uniform and a clean body, as a courtesy to your instructor and fellow students

  • Make sure you bring all your required training equipment to every class; students who do not have all their safety gear will not be allowed to participate in kumite. (Junior Members; It is YOUR responsibility to remember, as you are the one's training not your parents!!)

  • Please keep your toenails and fingernails trimmed to ensure safety when working with partners

  • Ensure cuts and other wounds are covered

  • We ask that all female students wear a discrete undershirt with their uniform




  • Please remove shoes and socks before entering the training area 

  • Show due respect to other students. Do not interrupt a class by requesting a toilet break."Go" before you start

  • Please spit out any chewing gum before training. This item is not allowed during class

  • Please remove all jewellery before class (the only exception to this rule is medical bracelets) this applies to ALL sharp or hard metal or plastic objects: piercings; hair bobbles and slides; watches, belt buckles etc

  • Please pull back and secure long hair. Please double check your belt to make sure it is fastened correctly and not twisted

  • ​Unless there is a good medical reason, always train in barefeet in the dojo




  • Always show respect to the dojo (training area) and your seniors and peers with a bow (rei)

  • Listen for instruction and always stop whatever you are doing IMMEDIATELY on the command "Yame" (stop)

  • All karateka bow on entering and leaving the dojo

  • Senpai (students) bow to the sensei if they are directly acknowledged or asked to help in a demonstration

  • Senpai's acknowledge and answer sensei by saying “Osu” (Pronounced ‘oss’)

  • Brief drink (water or non fizzy/non sports) breaks may be taken at the Instructors invitation only 

  • Ensure your licence is kept up to date - renew in plenty of time



PARENTS: We thank you for helping us to enforce these rules with your child(ren) both in class and at home as it is for their safety. Although the class overruns sometimes, please could all parents ensure they are at the dojo ready to collect their child by the scheduled finishing time. If a child needs to go before a class is finished, please ensure you inform the Instructor when dropping them off.


These rules are not exhaustive and common sense and sociable behaviour should prevail at all times


Do not use karate outside the dojo except in lawful defence



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