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Sanjo is an amalgamation of its Sensei’s, Sandra and John Carr as well as being a small city in Japan, famous for its rich green forests, where Japan’s longest river, (the Shinano River) runs across and is only 2 hours travel from Tokyo.  

It's well known that a common interest brings families closer together and unlike many other sports or activities, karate enables Mum and/or Dad to get involved with the kids, rather than just to watch from the sidelines.


Karate is an unique activity that puts all ages on the same level whether you are 4 or 84 years old!! You can work together as a family unit to learn and practice your karate techniques at home.


'Imagine the pride on your child’s face as they work with you to help learn your new kata'


At Sanjo Karate, we run family friendly Shotokan Karate classes where both parents and children have the opportunity to train together several times per week.

About Us

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